I want to inform you that I am parting ways with Five Sisters. I have enjoyed working for Five Sisters and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with them. It was a blessing and last year they provided me support and as a result of their encouragement and guidance I have been able to excel at the next endeavor that life has presented to me. I now look forward to this new chapter – this new beginning – and I hope that it brings with it new challenges and adds more diversity to my career and daily life.
I wish Five Sisters nothing but success in all it’s future endeavors. 
Sad to say I will no longer be doing my Sunday Readings there, but you may contact me to schedule a reading at my new location. 
Thank you all for your continued support and good wishes, I couldn’t be where I am today without the help of my clients, my friends, and my family. 

Love Alexis 💋