IMG_7756Readings are done on a beautiful setting and
wonderful one as well, because now is the time
to let out the secrets!

What set this charming Psychic apart from the rest? She have been working as a psychic Medium for over 20 years, helping people connect from this world to the next, and also giving guidance and insight from the world of Spirit by connecting with your family members and Spirit Guides. Alexis also have the ability to tap into your life contract to help you find your true calling and direction in life.

Alexis readings are all done in her Shabby Chic Vintage Office,with candles ,and her gorgeous vintage tarot cards,side by side to Angel cards.


Alexis Tarot Card Spreads, shared a bit of history
of vintage tarot card reading, there are many ways of
doing different tarot card readings.
But Alexis readings are gorgeous.
And guided by guardian angels and Spirit Guides.

Readings are a flat fee of – $120.00

Payment options:

Discover, Visa, Master Card, American Express

Cash, No Checks.No refunds on Readings

By appointment only.