Alexis Reyes


iNLP Life Coaching

Board Certified Credential (BCC)

• NAADAC Accredited (3 CEC’s)

• NLP Practitioner

• NLP Master Practitioner

• Life Coach Certification



Specializing in relationships, spirituality, self image.

Personal coaching for direction and clarity with Alexis Reyes

Need personal coaching for direction & clarity in changing your life? No problem. Here’s how Alexis Reyes will help you make it happen…

Do you need to get clear on your direction in life and your future? If you have a load of conflicting thoughts rattling around in your head it’s tricky to move forward with confidence. Perhaps you…

Feel stuck in a rut.

Want to find ways to move out of your current situation.

Are dissatisfied with aspects of your life.

Here’s what’s needed to get moving…It may be that fear of the unknown, uncertainty, or lack of confidence is holding you back. It’s important you work with an experienced coach with a sound track record who’ll provide the right type of personal coaching to help you attain the clarity and direction you need to take that vital next step. That’s me!

How I can help…

Often I see people who are paralysed in their decision making. Sometimes they’re too scared to make a decision because they frightened of making the wrong decision. That’s perfectly understandable.

If you don’t have enough clarity you’ll stay stuck… and frustrated. There will be tension for change, but no change. My job is to remove the fuzziness and give you some vital insights.

Working with me as your personal coach you’ll…Get clear on what you really want (your goal).

Get clear on how to get there (your strategies).

Gain a sense of purpose and direction.

Have a sounding board, an objective person to talk to and get clarity on an action plan.

Identify ways to overcome potential obstacles or limitations. Things like… I don’t know how to start / I never seem to finish what I start / I don’t feel confident / I’m frightened of making the wrong decision.

More about my personal coaching for direction & clarity…Structured process In a nutshell, I turn the mess in your head into something cohesive! I don’t fluff around, waste your time or go off on tangents. My structured process really works to get down to the nitty gritty efficiently and effectively.

I’m skilled at helping you fish out, and recognise, what’s important and what’s not. Together we reach the answers that help you move forward.


How do I get out of this confusion?

How can I get a sense of purpose and direction?

I’ll help you get clear on whats’s most important to you. Then we’ll set real, achievable goals and develop a clear pathway to follow.

How long does it take?

One hour per week for 4- 6 weeks will give you the clarity and awareness you need.

Who uses a personal life coach?

Anyone who wants to take control of their life and achieve their goals. I have successfully coached company directors, lawyers, housewives, artists and students. If you really want something out of life but are not quite sure how to get there, then a good coach can help you.

Isn’t it just motivation?

A good personal coach will motivate you. But more importantly it is about providing the right tools and strategies to enable you to succeed. The concepts you learn during the coaching period should be useful for the rest of your life.

Is it like counselling?

Not really. Personal life coaching deals with the present and the future, not the past. Life coaches look at your potential and find ways for you to get what you want out of life.

Why choose Eclipse Life Coaching?

I only use personal coaching concepts that have been proven to work through independent studies. The emphasis is on getting real results, not just ‘saying the right things’.

My fee structure is very simple. You will know exactly what you get for your money. There are no marketing tricks and absolutely no hidden costs.

Life Coach Fees

How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

Want to know about life coach fees? Here’s an outline on my life coaching services and answer to your question: How much does life coaching cost?

Life coach services…

One-on-one consultations – in person at my office place, Life Coaching Will change your life. Simply go ahead and book your first session. Either way is fine with me so phone or email me now.

Limited numbers

I limit the number of clients on my books so that I am able to give you my full attention and support throughout the coaching process. And it helps to ensure you don’t have long gaps between your sessions so we can keep the momentum going. Call me now to book your first session.

No hidden costs

I won’t try to sell you books, software or seminars. There are no hidden costs. My life coach fees, as published here, are all you pay. If at any stage you would like to end the coaching process for whatever reason, you are free to do so. The aim of life coaching should be to work towards what you want, not what the coach wants.

As a qualified and experienced life coach, I aim to provide the very best service that will ensure you receive outstanding returns on your investment.

Life coach fees for Life Coaching – clarity & direction


One hour per a session: $140 per session

Only includes a reading and talking about the readings out come, and a written plan of the reading. Any follow-up consultations: $140 per session, if not with a packages plan.

Express Package 

• One-on-one coaching—private sessions with your own coach Alexis Reyes .

• 3 scheduled, hour sessions per month. Ideal for people whose funds are tight and who are self-starters.

• Between-session email support—convenient, brief communication when you need it and texting.

• 3 readings and a written action plan.

• $375 per month.

Power Package

• One-on-one coaching—private sessions with your own coach Alexis Reyes.

• 4 scheduled, hour sessions per month. This package accelerates your momentum for dramatic impact on your goals.

• 4 Phone calls ,Up to 20-minute coaching by phone between regular sessions—make a personal connection and share wins or get feedback immediately, instead of having to wait for our next coaching session.

• Between-session email support—convenient communication when you need it and texting .

• 4 readings and a written action plan.

• $600 per month.


You can pay by either credit card or cash, no check. Payments must be made in full before coaching begins.